Denver’s Employment Not Quite So “Stabilized”

Still catching up from Rosh Hashanah this weekend – it’s going to be that way for a few more weeks as the Holidays of Tishrei descend on us for another season.

So Colorado’s Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment pronounces it “encouraging” that Colorado gained 3100 jobs while shedding 15,200 workers.  The unemployment rate will probably get worse again before it gets better, but mostly because people will re-enter the job market as things do improve.

But Denver’s job market, not so good.  According to the release, the Denver-Aurora MSA accounted for more than the state’s net labor force loss, dropping 15,552 workers (and 6,400 jobs).  The rest of the state gained 9500 jobs, and actually added a few hundred to the labor force.  In fact, Denver-Boulder and Colorado Springs MSA were the only areas to lose significant jobs in August.

In related news, the city council will fail to ask citizens to re-direct Referendum A-I money to useful projects.

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