View From a Height – Version 4.0

So the layout isn’t done yet, but I’m back from hack-ware purgatory. I’ll be working on the design over time, and it’ll be a little different from before.

All told, from the initial baked-on-clay-tablets, to the blogspot, to the various incarnations of MT, and now to WP, this will be the fourth version of the site.

The archives are still available, starting here, but obviously the search won’t work, since MT needed to be taken out and burnt, with all of its clothes, “bring out your dead”-style, in order to get the malware police to believe the site was safe.

The email updates apparently require a plugin, so I’ll have to get that, and acquaint myself with the whole new world of WP plugins, as opposed to the Old World of MT plugins. And for the moment, I’ll keep comments and trackbacks off, since I think that may have been the back door for the first invasion.

In the meantime, welcome back to the View.

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