Wadhams Staying Put, It Seems

Amid rumors that State Party Chairman Dick Wadhams’s trip to Nevada might portend another full-time effort to unseat a Democrat Senate Majority Leader, comes a memo from Dick himself.  The relevant parts are quoted below:

I just want to let you know that nothing can keep me from being a part of unseating a Democratic governor for the first time in 48 years, and the accidental senator he appointed.

My friend Sue Lowden, who recently resigned as Nevada Republican state chairman, asked me to make the presentation to a group of her supporters as she decides whether to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

As fun as that quick trip to Las Vegas was, my full time political agenda is here in my home state of Colorado, as state chairman of Colorado Republicans.

While stopping short of an outright, “I will not be going to Nevada to run Sue Lowden’s campaign, period,” it’s clearly intended as a reassurance to the party that it won’t be left leaderless, just as it appears to be regaining its footing here in Colorado.

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