Denver Traffic in Reverse

INRIX has ranked Denver traffic as the 15th-worst in the country.  Not so bad, perhaps, except that they also have us ranked 21st in population.  This is also up from 16th in 2008, and 18th in 2007, so pretty much everything’s going in the wrong direction here.

It’s just a guess, but I don’t think this is designed to help.   I think it’s designed to make driving harder, not easier.  Back in May, Councilman Johnson was pushing the survey for Leetsdale Drive in her newsletter.  According to traffic surveys, the Leetsdale/Colorado Blvd/Alameda Ave concoction is the most-heavily-used set of streets in Denver.  So naturally, the smart thing to do is to subject the entire corridor to years of construction, in all likelihood leaving it less able to handle traffic flows.

Here’s an idea.  Less money for Living Streets, more money for this.

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