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Backbone Business

We launched the Backbone Business subfranchise of Backbone Radio on Sunday night.  It’s an hour a month devoted to business, finance, and economic topics, from a mostly non-political standpoint.

The first installment was on financial derivatives, and we have it posted as streaming audio.

The schedule, in deference to the options markets, it the Sunday after the 3rd Friday of the month – kind of like the Tuesday after the first Monday of November – so our next show will be on June 20, and while the date would suggest something about astrology or astronomy, we’re probably going to talk about bubbles.

Take a listen, and tell me what you think.

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Backbone Radio!

I’ll be on Backbone Radio this evening, with Ross Kaminsky and Matt Dunn.   Listen to 710 KNUS from 5-8 to hear us.

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