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Rima Campaigning in the Foreign Press

The following appeared in Watan, an Arabic-langauge American Newspaper, describing an email interview that Mrs. Barakat Sinclair gave with the Al-Arab Al-Yawm Newspaper in Jordan. It is a quick translation of the article, but for all that, it's a translation by a friend of mine, who is a native Arabic speaker, and is fully correct in its substance.

According to Rima Barakat Sinclair, a candidate for the state House of Representatives in the American state of Colorado, Jordan would be transformed into being a substitute nation for the Palestinians sometime in the next few years.

The idea of Jordan being a substitute homeland for the Palestinians isn't a new idea. It is said that McCain will declare Jordan as a Palestinian state, and that Obama will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is proof of the warming of public opinion's support for the Israeli position in American politics. It is also proof of a disgraceful lack of support for the honorable and united Arab positions. This has been known to many people.

Talk about Jordan as a substitute homeland has been growing every day. The neocons, and especially Elliott Abrams, the "nation builder," has called for quite a while for a substitute homeland in order to relieve the problem of the presence of the Palestinians in Palestine.

At the present, Jordan is going through difficult time. The prices of food, oil, and diesel are much higher than in past. The people are hungry and afraid of a dark future, and pressure on them grows like throwing kerosine on top of gasoline. All of the tribes, the Syrians, the Sharkas, Armenians, Palestinians, need to be watchful, and not to allow this conspiracy to happen. History shows that any attempt to pass the Zionist designs were preceded by attempts to take away from the citizens the hope for a generous and respectable life. It is followed by a game of blame between one segment of the people to another, and worse than that also happened.

In my personal opinion, if things remain the same, Jordan will be transformed into being the substitute nation for the Palestinians in the coming few years. Support for this idea has been expressed in the American Congress.

The gift that keeps on giving. I'm not going to waste time on the equivalent of arguing that the Royal family aren't the humanoid form of alien space lizards.

The point is, either Mrs. Barakat Sinclair's fevered imagination honestly believes this stuff, or she's pandering to the culture of paranoid conspiracy theories that frolics in the petri dish of Arab society over there, by attacking both major party candidates and the body politic.

I realize that, post-Clinton, it's de rigeur for national Democratic candidates and office-holders to slight the US on foreign soil. I hadn't realized that it was now acceptable for candidates for state office to campaign overseas.
She is, quite obviously, using her status as a candidate to enchance her credibility within the Arab world.

Mrs. Barakat Sinclair clearly sees herself as a representative from the Arab world to the US, and from the US to the Arab world. May I suggest that each could do better.

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